Healty Eating Tips for Dining Out

Dining out can be a healthy experience if you play the cards right:.

Is this meal your splurge meal, or do you have to behave on this one?

Either way, here are simple tips to make it a healthier meal: without cutting out the fun:

* PASS ON THE BREAD. Think of this: If you were dining at a restaurant that didn't offer free bread, you wouldn't order it, would you? Enjoy the 300+ calorie savings!

* SALAD DRESSINGS AND SAUCES ON THE SIDE. Don't allow the chef to decide how much of these you should eat, some Intramax, because they are going to over-do it every single time to enhance the taste, look intramax. Note: 1 simple 3 oz of barbeque sauce can contain 300mg of sodium and add up to nearly 200 calories. The less of these you can consume, the better your pants will fit.

* IF YOU FOLLOW #1 and #2, WHAT IS ELIMINATED RIGHT OFF THE BAT? You can't dip the bread into the extra sauce! This is a habit that you need to break. One simple, harmless piece of bread soaked in the buttery-lemon sauce. Get ready for this: It can add up to 300+ calories and 600+mg sodium (depending on the sauce).

* HAVE YOUR MEAL PREPARED WITH NO BUTTER. Most times, the chef will prepare your meal with butter to enhance the flavor, and prepare your veggies with butter to make them "savoring"- when in theory it's just blocking your arteries a little more each meal. I know it's tough at first, but soon your body will dislike the taste of butter- and you will have to buy smaller pants at the same time!

* HIGH CALORIE, SUGARY BEVERAGES. I am not promoting alcohol, just being realistic. The fact is you are going to have the drink and nobody is stopping you. However, can you please have a drink that is low in calories and sugar? Skip the fancy umbrella drink and have a vodka with club soda and you can flavor it by adding a few lemons. Yummy- now you have lemonade! Or add lime, oranges, or any other fruit you enjoy- and your body will love you for not dousing it with sugar and calories.

* SPLIT MEALS. How many times are you forcing the last 5 bites? Just because you don't want to waste the food, you shove it down your throat so it can make you fatter! Say that to yourself over and over, because that is exactly what you are doing. Instead, order a small salad each, and split a dinner. After drinks and a meal, you literally stand a chance of 500 instead of 1,000 calories. Congrats on your new healthy habit- AND your new body.

Welcome, Y'all!

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